Writting, recording, mixing…

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“Walking together a thousand miles road,
nobody is right, both uncontrolled.
They don´t stop, don´t rest, don’t understand.
Turning a blind eye is just the end”

A new album is in the oven, we just can’t put a rele1000091_10151501701696301_680744888_nase date yet. But the things are working fine and we’re trying to put a extra effort despite the lack of time that our jobs and other duties are taken. It will be released sometime in 2017, let’s hope you don’t have to wait for too long.

The four last singles (Nothing, FtheseUCK, Take me to another place, and The black light queen) will be included in the album. After those records, five or six songs have been written. Some of them are completely finished, others are recorded but not mixed, and others are not recorded yet. Besides that we keep working on a good amount of material, so we’ll be dealing with an album with, probably, a simmilar playtime as UltravioleNt (Around 12 songs).
See you around, people.