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More stuff. FY

In case some of you missed it, Adrian worked on a solo project for the last years. “fy” Quite different from gZc but really enjoyable. And since music is meant to be listened and not to speak about, I won’t write about it… and I’ll just leave here a couple of videos. If you still insist […]

Writting, recording, mixing…

“Walking together a thousand miles road, nobody is right, both uncontrolled. They don´t stop, don´t rest, don’t understand. Turning a blind eye is just the end” A new album is in the oven, we just can’t put a release date yet. But the things are working fine and we’re trying to put a extra effort despite […]

The new website is live.

No, we’re not dead. We’re far from that. Glazecrab is currently pushing in a new direction, working on a new album and ready to jump to the stages as soon as possible. And, because of that, we decided to give the website a new, and more functional, design.

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“The black Light Queen”

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